When you communicate about yourself, your product or service, it’s vitally important you
get the words right.

And the concepts.

Forwords helps you do that, so people get the right idea about you, your product or your service.

The words your audience see and hear influence what they say to themselves silently. These
thoughts influence how they feel – and what they do.

Get the words and concepts that silently work for you.

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We look at how strong your arguments are. And whether they can be said differently to fortify your case.

Your ideas expressed strongly, clearly and concisely not only inform, they motivate readers.

Sometimes you’ll only need small adjustments for the upgrade you want. Sometimes more. Editing includes proofreading, line editing and a review of the logic of the structure of your text.

Feedback from you and one or two iterations might be needed to deliver your sparkling result.

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Forwords turns ideas in German into ideas that click in English. Especially for advertising and marketing.

We understand context, content, audience and aim. Then we compose an engaging English version.

We think through what your words are saying and then how to express that in idiomatic

Which nuance applies? Which inflection conveys your message best?

And we also make sure your unique value and your enthusiasm come across.

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